"Will’s class is so wonderfully different from most classes I’ve been in, in most classes they teach you a formula to fit in a little box, but Will pushes you outside that box and gives you the tools to really explore your depth and versatility... I wish I’d found him years ago."


Jade Harlow

Actor & 3 time Emmy Winner – Days of Our Lives, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., On the Horizon, Passions



"It's a sincere gift working on material with Will, a director who builds character, finds brilliant nuance, subtlety and brave choices. A kind thoughtful artist who works with a collaborative and tireless spirit creatively."



Actor - American Hustle, Joy, Stalker (series regular), Law and Order (series regular)



"I’ve been in several other acting classes. There are a variety of motivations driving people to undertake the very ambitious and demanding career as an actor. For some, that reason is fame. For some that reason is an escape. Will Wallace’s acting class is for those actors who aren’t satisfied with mediocrity and who revel in the blood and sweat that goes in to creating exceptional performances; A character that will exhilarate and overcome an audience. 

Will’s class is not just about simple service to a writer’s script, but taking it far beyond what even the screenwriter could have hoped for. With research, creativity, and fearlessness (and Will Wallace) an actor has the capability to not just survive in Hollywood, but dominate."



Actor - Top Gun:Maverick, Everybody Wants Some, Ride Along 2, The Dark Knight Rises, Red Wing, Expendables 3, Hidden Figures


darren headshot cropped.png

“Will Wallace is one of the luckiest finds I’ve had in my time as an actor. I’ve studied at a variety of places and I found that many coaches didn’t seem driven strictly by the love of teaching, the love of building a strong and believable scene. Will is not one of them. The passion he holds for this craft is so rare. So contagious. He’s not there to make you feel good. He’s there to make you grow and make discoveries about yourself as an artist that you may have never known were there. This comes with being pushed past your comfort zone. A trap many actors succumb to so easily. Not with Will. He gives credit where deserved...but only if it’s earned. If it’s fought for. Any actor can tell you that this industry is a fight. Will Wallace will make a fighter out of you. Thank you, Will.”

Darren Barnet

Actor - This Is Us (Young Jack), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (recurring), Criminal Minds, S.W.A.T



"To say that Will Wallace has been helpful to my career as an actress thus far is a massive understatement. Will has not only served as an amazing mentor for me throughout the time that I've known him, but has also taught me so much about myself as an actress. He has helped me understand what it means to become completely consumed in a character and taken me to places emotionally that I never knew I could go to. Will has helped me learn the value of making strong and creative choices. I've grown exponentially since I began training with him. I can't thank Will enough for everything he's done to contribute to my career."



Actor - ABC's Famous In Love (series regular), Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, Red Wing



"Will has taught me ways and tools to ask the tough questions of the characters and myself. I feel inspired as he keeps the bar high, pushing me to bring more and more meaning and honesty to the scene."



Actor - The Birth of a Nation, Fear of the Walking Dead, Arrow, The Glass Castle



"Will genuinely cares about his students. He wants them to succeed. There is no b.s. in the way he treats his students. When he says I've done a good job, I KNOW I've done a good job. He has high standards for the quality of work we do and it pushes you to always do your best."


Actress - Alphas (series regular), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (series regular), Grey's Anatomy, Grimm, Castle, The Handmaid's Tale, The Colony



"Will has been instrumental to me as a performer and a friend. I greatly look forward to continuing to study with Will as he is an incredible teacher and coach."



Actor - Jennifer’s Body,I Love You Beth Cooper



"I cannot begin to rave enough about Will. He is just everything! He is an excellent coach, actor, writer, director, friend and human being. He is brilliant and gorgeous to boot! I sent about 4 or 5 of my girls from Austin to his class in Hollywood last summer and they loved every second of it. I would tell any actor to walk, crawl or hitchhike but do anything you can to get in his class!"



Renowned Casting Director



"Will's teaching and guidance has empowered me to be truthful and grounded in my creative art."



Actress - Empire (recurring), Couples Retreat, The Whole Ten Yards, For Better or Worse (series regular)



"Will Wallace has been an incredible mentor for me throughout the years. He spews creativity, fosters an explorative and collaborative environment and consistently pushes me to dig deeper and to always consider multiple perspectives. Thank you for reminding me to be playful and to never stop exploring the endless possibilities to every story."



Actor - CW's The Originals (series regular), ABC's Nashville



"Having been invited to Will’s class I came away more than impressed with the level of enthusiasm in both his students and his overall approach. His method is uniquely his own, but serves each actor based on his/her individual style, eliciting an organic and spontaneous performance. 

Will is a passionate teacher both artistically and professionally, and his years of first-hand industry experience provide an unmatched level of insight for his students. As a film director, I have used some of his students in my films, and have yet to be disappointed."



Director - Gremlins, The 'Burbs, The Howling, Piranha, Hawaii Five-0 (TV series)



"Will's classes serve us actors as a reminder of the undiscovered self exploring and discovering not only the revelation of truth but how to face it. Will, not only do you come with the force of a director but also a teacher and actor which helps the student actor to find joy in acting while being vulnerable on stage. It's a tough thing to do. That is why your students stay and become dedicated to the kraft and art. 

It is wonderful to be able to go to a school and know that no matter what, as the student, you're going to get up and work, not just watch a scene, not just get up and do it, but to get up on stage and work with a fellow actor and explore the dynamic a scene or monologue can offer to the artist. What's great is that persistence, as the teacher that you are, to drive the inner force in helping the artist find a stronger meaning in the work."



Actor - Napoleon Dynamite, Crank, Eastbound & Down



"Having been in the business a long time, I never looked at “taking class” as something I needed to do on an ongoing basis. But Will’s insight and guidance have provided me with a better sense of who I am as an actor and what I can accomplish. He’s also given my fellow company members and me acting and networking opportunities that we may never have had otherwise. 

I don’t know where I’d be in my career if Will hadn’t come into my life. I’m so grateful that he did. Thanks!"



Recurring - Grey's Anatomy, Michael Clayton, Red Wing, Sound of Redemption: The Frank Morgan Story



"Will’s passion for acting, and for creating life’s moments on screen, stage, or in the classroom make class scene work positively memorable."



Actor - King of Queens



"Attending Will's class has made me remember everything I truly love about acting."



Actor - Blazing Saddles, Paper Moon, Back to the Future III



"The amazing thing about Will is his ability to inspire his company to be brave, to go beyond the text, to go into their hearts and create art. There is great work happening in here, and great actors are coming out of it. Every time I teach, I learn something new from this extraordinary group. I’ve recommended more than a few of these students to casting directors and look forward to being able to cast them myself."



Producer - Relativity Media & Former VP ABC Television



"When I first audited one of Will's classes, I was impressed by the high quality of the work by students in the master class. I have not been disappointed. The class is full of a good mix of people, and someone is always working on something, so it's proved to be an excellent networking opportunity. Our guest teachers are working professionals in various aspects of the industry, and from meeting them I've had auditions, parts, offers of representation, and been directly cast."



Actor - American Horror Story, THS Investigates: Serial Killers on the Loose



"Will Wallace's love and innate knowledge of this industry is Insurmountable. His passion is clearly evident in every role he takes on; and in every class that he teaches. He emboldens his students with a sense of passion and wonder."



Detention, The Defenders



"The Will Wallace Acting Company is awesome. Period. I've been studying there for about 2 years and have seen significant improvements in myself and others through the methods Will uses. What I like most about his teaching style is that he basically trains you to train yourself. He asks questions, teaches you which questions to ask, and hones those skills necessary for great acting. I also really enjoy the weeks where Will steps out of the routine and has his students take on roles outside of being an actor. You learn so much when you get to direct a scene. It causes you to look at things differently, which in turn can have enormous benefits for your acting. One of our favorite days was when we worked on audition technique. For each scene someone from the class would give bizarre direction that the actors would have to incorporate (you have a spider in your bra, you're high on weed, you have severely painful gas etc.) It was wildly entertaining, and extremely helpful in getting us to follow direction and think outside the box when approaching an audition. Every week is a new adventure."



Actor - Raising Hope



"For as long as I can remember I've always wanted to have a teacher like Will Wallace. He's the kind of mentor who pats you on the back then pushes you even harder, helping you attain a higher, untouched state of mind that you yourself didn't even fathom to be possible; who thrusts you into the arena of action and doesn't ever let you retreat, until you find that only by putting yourself in the throes of destruction you in turn become indestructible and ready to shape shift the world to your benefit. Will Wallace is a master of unleashing your true potential, allowing you to become the person you are meant to be. He dares anything, and he will make sure you are on your finest game. No tricks, no bollocks, only truth."



Actor - Trafficked, Urban Myths, The Appearing



"Will was the most impressive coach with whom I have ever worked with in my 20 year career in TV, film and theater. He helped me a lot to understand the reason to be in each moment of the character, and from this knowledge make the best choices in the scene. To have someone of this level by my side made me a conscious, courageous and a daring actress. I recommend his services without hesitation to actors of comedy and drama or any other art genre.

"Will, foi o coach mais impressionante com o qual eu já trabalhei nos meus vinte anos de carreira na TV,Cinema e Teatro. Ele me ajudou muito a entender a razão de ser de cada momento do personagem a ser interpretado e a partir desse reconhecimento optar pelas melhores escolhas em cena.Ter alguem desse nivel ao meu lado,fez de mim uma atriz mais consciente,corajosa e ousada. Recomendo seus serviços,sem moderacão,a atores de comedia,drama ou qualquer outro genero de arte cenica."



Actor - Casseta & Planeta Urgente



"I have studied under Will Wallace Acting Company for the past 8 months and for any actor that is looking to be taken serious not only with your individual growth but also your opportunities, I recommend you study with Will. I know there are a lot of acting companies out there and even more acting coaches but the problem is trying to decide what fits you best. Well I found Will Wallace through a Casting Director friend that highly recommended him. Personally, that is the best kind of recommendation one can receive because you know a friend will not point you in the wrong direction. Upon auditing his class which they encourage it unlike some teachers, I found that Will uses a unique technique that differs from many traditional teachers."



Actor - Bunker



"I'm so grateful to have met Will Wallace. He's not only a wonderful teacher, but Will and Sara are extremely dedicated to help their students achieve success in their career. It's rare to meet teachers like them! Thank you so much!!"

"Jeg er utrolig takknemlig for å ha truffet Will Wallace. Han er ikke bare en dyktig lærer, men Will og Sara er ekstremt dedikerte for å hjelpe elevene sine oppnå suksess. Det er sjeldent man møter lærere som dem! Tusen takk!!"



Actor - American Horror Story (recurring)



"I distinctly remember my very first class at the WWAC. It was that day when I knew I finally arrived at that very special acting class I had always longed for. After every class with Will, I walk out feeling like I am a better actor. It is invaluable to me as an actor to be studying with a true professional who has over 18 years of experience in the industry. 

Will and Sara Wallace are extraordinary people who couldn't care more about their students and what it means to pursue this wonderful craft of acting."



Actor - Scandal, True Blood, Papa, Anabolic Life, All But Fools



"I've sat in workshops taught by Will Wallace where I have seen him take a beginner actor to the next level. He's personable, friendly, and makes you feel at home. I always refer actors to his workshops. In my book, he's one of the best coaches around."



Casting Director



"Have you found an acting teacher who is also a successful actor, producer & director? One who is working constantly, not only due to talent, but due to a passion for every aspect of the business? I found that teacher. Will educates his students with an in depth knowledge that can only come from being on both sides of the camera. His energy and excitement during the learning process are infectious. If you want to stir your passion and start making bolder, more creative choices both on and off camera - Will's class is a must!"



Actor - Last Holiday, Deja Vu, The Life of David Gale, Because of Winn-Dixie



"WWAC? Claro que si!! 

Will Wallace is an amazing teacher and human being. Intelligent, creative, caring, humble, and entertaining, he truly helps his students to grow. Sharing not only the perspective of an amazing teacher, but also the vision and knowledge of a working Director and Producer. Will always tries to guide and support you in your career beyond the classroom. Frequently, the Company provides its students the opportunity to show their work in front of Directors, Casting Directors, Producers, Writers and Agents that are seeking new talent for their own project. I love being a part of the Company, surrounded by talented and awesome actors!"


"WWAC? Claro que si!! 

Will Wallace es un profesor y un ser humano excepcional. Inteligente, profesional, creativo, amable y divertido que se preocupa genuinamente por ayudar a crecer a sus estudiantes, mostrándoles no sólo la perspectiva de un docente conocedor de las diferentes vertientes de la teoria actoral, sino tambien la visión de un Director y Productor activo en la Industria Cinematográfica. Will busca siempre guiar a sus alumnos y apoyarlos en sus carreras mas alla de las clases. A su vez, la Compañia brinda la oportunidad a los alumnos de mostrar sus capacidades frente a Directores, Directores de Casting, Productores y Agentes quienes estan en busca de nuevos talentos y asisten a las clases para observar el trabajo que se realiza. Me siento muy feliz de ser parte de esta compañia y de estar rodeada de gente buena y talentosa!"



Actor - Grachi, Series Regular (Nickelodeon Latin America)



"Will is first of all such an amazing human being and in my opinion that is what makes him so good as an acting coach. He understands life. His dedication ,passion and talent make him unique. I have gone so deep in my work because of his guidance. I will always seek his guidance in my work. He is honest,sincere and always looking for finding the best in your humanity while fulfilling your work. Thank you WILL and SARA."



Actor - Series regular, El Señor de los Cielos, Money



"I love Will's acting class! I have met so many of his talented students. Everyone is great to work with and I felt welcomed from the first moments of class. Our assigned scenes are always really fun to do and we all get a chance to perfect them. I really feel the support from the other students. Its really refreshing to know that others you are working with want you to succeed. It was great to find out we would be having other successful directors to teach the class along with Will. I am definitely sticking around for as long as I am able to!"



Actor - Closure, Sheer Luck, Tiny Underfoot



"Will's coaching style is more like that of a skilled director who is a collaborative artist, enhancing the role rather than an instructor who just tears you down. His exercises, methods and techniques are fast and effectively help you to build your confidence and get you working at really landing a job in the industry. Ultimately becoming a more effective actor and most importantly a professional."



90210, Days of Our Lives - Recurring, The Last Boat to Alcatraz



"I think that there are two kinds of people in this world: People who let life change them, and people who have the courage to change their life. Will Wallace is the latter. An absolutely brilliant coach, he teaches uniquely to the individual needs of his students. He is a very dedicated coach whose inspiration to teach comes from the belief he has in each one of his students- and sometimes all you need is one person who will root for you. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to say that Will Wallace is rooting for me."



MTV's Faking It



"Will has an amazing talent for finding what you need to focus on in your acting, and the energy and love to help bring everything you have inside out. He doesn’t try to fit you into any one ‘method’ of acting, but rather focuses on making what you do real to you."



Actor - Battleship, True Blood, 90210, Clear Lake, WI



"An exceptional understanding of our artistic medium, passionate style of direction, distinguished industry experience, and magnetic personality allow Will Wallace to create a nourishing yet challenging environment for artists of all experience levels."


300, Justified, Criminal Minds, NCIS: Los Angeles, ER, Baywatch



"Will is a wonderful acting teacher who teaches you to get out of your own way and truly be in the moment. He has an amazing knack for helping you to quickly understand the circumstances of the character and scene you are portraying. Unlike a lot of classes I have audited in LA, one of the reasons I was particularly drawn to his class is because of the safe, fun and collaborative environment he creates. This not only enables you to have fun and play with scenes but also to take risks that you mightn't dare to take in other classes. Due to the fact that Will is also a director and producer himself, he has a lot of industry connections, and as a result of this I have had the opportunity to audition for some great projects because of him!"



Actress - Neighbors (series regular), Wrong Swipe, Dracano, The Wedding Pact



"Every week, I look forward to my night with Will Wallace and the Will Wallace Acting Company! Will has a knack for breaking a scene down to help me see and explore various subtexts and character nuances that i may have missed. He will challenge me and he always helps me to refine and focus my performance and put me completely in the moment! I love everything about his class from our warm-ups and various exercises to actually watching and performing our scenes. And I get to work with some of the most talented and creative up-and-coming actors in Hollywood!"



Actor - Red Wing, The Appearing



"I have been studying with Will Wallace for about a year and a half, and it has made a world of difference! It has made the biggest impact in my acting and in my career than any other class or training I've done. Everyone I have met through him has been of the highest caliber, including his students. He is an extremely passionate and caring coach who constantly invests in his students. I am so grateful, too, that he is always looking to do whatever he can to further his students' careers whether it be by helping them find representation, giving them audition opportunities, or connecting them with the right industry professionals to widen their network and community. I am honored and thrilled to be a part of the WWAC!"



Actor - Red Wing, The Appearing